Faith on Trial comes in general among so many people. Actually, Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote a book entitled “Faith on Trials”. He has written this on account of the teachings of Christianity. Christianity teaches that all people undergo all trials and temptations in all the way that we go through. Most people give up when there are hardships on their way.

The moment when people think of the hardships negatively, this is the starting of falling down. No matter how high a man’s dream is, if he is not to take the burdens he has and if he does  not overcome them, he will succeed. It the same in believing God. Actually, there are trials and temptations to hinder us to walk the path that God teaches. However, if we give up on the teachings s of God, we can not be able to follow the will of God who has given us His words through the Bible. Among so many people on this earth, there are only few people who can keep in step with their faith even to the point of death.

In fact, those who are walking the path of faith rightly are persecuted by others who also claim to believe in God. All the trials and temptations are proof that there is the Overseer of our life. Only those whose faith is amazing can be blessed physically. Faith is believing what we do not see. This is why if we believe in God thinking that we will be saved if we follow His words, surely we can be saved. We should have a faith that God sees everything.