Most people have already watched this movie that was released years ago that was directed by Mel Gibson. It is one that many people praise because it depicts the suffering of Jesus that not many movies have done. They even made a movie that is a comedy that features the life of Jesus very different from the first movie mentioned. That is why it receives a banning order in some countries as it is not presenting a good image. Let us know first the presented ten facts.

One of the fact you may not know or the number one that you may already know about one character in the movie that played Mary is that she is pregnant at the time of filming and nobody knows it at first. Another fact is that there are many considered miracles that happened when the filming is on the process like disease being cured or illness being stopped and other actors who do not believe in God converted to Christianity after the movie production was finished.

The actor who played the main character was accidentally whipped twice while they are filming. And a musical piece was not originally included in the film but was added and it has attained much success. The movie has garnered also the record of having the highest sales of tickets even before its viewing. There are more facts that you can know when you will watch the whole video above. This accounting firm will gonna help you 會計師事務所.This movie is appreciated by most Christians and not other that is for the purpose of entertainment.