Many people have already heard about idolatry. However, for humans it is very vague word. Due to this, people are wondering what it is. Idolatry is defined in the Bible as worshiping stones, wood or any form. Bowing down before them is a form of revering them other than God. It is idolatry when people are making statues and say that they are their God. Nevertheless, idolatry in the Bible in deeper meaning refers to worshiping any thing other than God.

Only those who accepts God can understand God and worship Him only. This is why no matter what happens those who revere God will never find other gods. Some people revere stones and wood in their churches. However, according to history, there has been no using of these kinds of stones and wood. Only in the third century that these kinds of tradition came out. The use of the cross as a symbol of the cross began when the church was secularized by Constantine.

After centuries, reformation came but all churches uses the cross on steeples or on top of their churches which makes other people think that using the cross is Biblical. Even the early church, did not use cross on top of their churches and that history proves this kind of thing. If there is cross-symbol of the church, then there should have been a cross recorded that was used in the history. It can not be rationalized that cross is just a symbol of the church because cross was used as a symbol of different gods in Babylon.