There are many things that are written in the bible that can be the subject of debate and for interpretations. There are things that are plain and can be understood literally and there are the ones that should be known what is the meaning behind it. There are words in the bible that has a different meaning. An example is the word lamb. It is an animal literally but it also indicates Jesus who became a lamb offering. This time let’s see the book of Revelation 16.

In the infographic, you can read that the content of the book and chapter is the seven bowls of the wrath of God. They enumerated and presented in the list each of the wraths that are written. you can read that all the things are for destruction and not for blessing. that is why many people are afraid of these things and they come to seek what does it mean as they also want to escape the wrath of God even if they do not know how to escape.

It is already foretold that even if people will find every way to escape the impending worldwide disaster that would happen to destroy this earth, they cannot escape. All would be able to be under the wrath except those who have received the seal of the other angel. Even the religion that believes to have the seal acknowledge that they had not yet received it. Then how can they be sure of their salvation if they did not receive the seal?