The story of man depends on whom you will ask. If you will ask those who do not believe in the bible then you can be able to have an answer that does not know about the creator that is very well known to the human being known as Christians. Even if we have listened to the explanation of creation and other things about the relationship of God and the people on this earth, there are still not clear to others and philosophy was used to explain things.

There are notable figures in the field of philosophy and it includes Aristotle and Plato. They use the reasoning of the human who was created to explain all the things that are happening. They become the root of the basis of the doctrine of the mother church as they have many doctrines that could not be explained by the bible and so they adopted the explanation of the philosophers. If you will be asked if what would the basis of your faith then what is your answer? You will be needed the help of online technology today for business purposes. Try to use search engine optimisation to have traffic on your site. This is a big privilege for easy management of your online transaction in the online world.

Would you use the explanations of philosophers and would try very hard to understand it or would you rather listen to the explanations that came from the bible? Even the scientists and other famous personalities have acknowledged that there must be a superior being who would create all things and put it all in the perfect place that they should be placed. Even our breath can disappear in a moment but there is the one who can give it back to us.