The believers of Jesus as the Messiah that was prophesied to come in the flesh knew also about His twelve disciples. When Jesus established the church that follows the law of the new covenant and then He dies, the ones who continued to keep and teach the truth He established is His apostles. Even if He already fulfilled the law of Moses, people did not accept it and insist on keeping the old law given at Mount Sinai. It is foretold they would be judged by that law.

The apostles have made much effort to preached the truth about the savior as they already realized that it was the truth believing in the prophecies of the bible. they are the ones who looked into the prophecies and words of the bible that testifies about Crist. But many looked into the appearance of Jesus and they fulfilled the role of crucifying Jesus. They are not guilty and they are also fulfilling their role as the one who is under the old law. See more of best catering service here. Click this site from here 餐飲. This is best to serve you.

Even after the death of Jesus, they did not awaken in their slumber and they continue to kill even the disciples of Jesus. The way the twelve disciples of Jesus died is presented in the infographic and you can read it one by one. Each of them when they realized the fulfillment of prophecies has worked hard to preach the truth and by their works, they come to be in danger and they are subjected to killing except John who died a natural death. Best to read biblical books while having your tea here. Visit this important link to know about best tea flavors. The link will be going to help you find the best tea service.