There are many prophecies of the bible that not many people know what is the correct interpretation. There are the prophecies that have been already explained by Jesus when He came into this world in the flesh. That is why people can clearly understand them. But there are still many that were only revealed or made known in this last days so that people could be able to have the knowledge of the truth. But even if they have known it, they do not really understand the secret.

In the infographic is one of the prophecies that was a dream of a king in the kingdom of Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar has dreamed of a large statue that is unique as it was composed of different metals. The statue is very big and so it is not normal and then you add the composition of it and you now start to wonder what it means from this designing company 室內設計公司. This time, the prophecy about the statue that the king dreamed is being revealed as it is the time.

The dream of King Nebuchadnezzar was interpreted as given above in the infographic. You can see that the metals represent different kingdoms that have become powerful on this earth. From the first metal to the last it was explained and the truth or identity of the one who is against God has revealed clearly though the one in the infographic is not really the exact one that has revealed who is the little horn who destroyed three kingdoms.