Reformed Christian Books are being scattered all over the world, being created by different people who are so passionate in the word of God. Reformed books are those that are written by human wisdom according to their knowledge in the Bible. These books come in different form like Biblical stories and children stories based on the Bible.

Not only stories but also history of Christianity authored by so many people in the world. For example, the “The History of Christianity” written by Paul Johnson. Here, there are so many secrets hidden in the history that he had traced out.

Another book is the “The Faith of Millions” and “The Faith of Millions” written by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. These books actually come to reveal many facts of the Early Church. Lots of truths are in there and they have revealed all about the history of their church and the Early Church.

Another thing is the theology book of John Calvin entitled Institutes of the Christian Religion. Of course, in this book Calvin had included some of the doctrines of the modern religions at the same time the path of the modern religions.

Ellen G White is the prophetess of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and that she has talked a lot about the Old Testament through her book “The Desire of Ages”. She has many books written for her church since she established the aforementioned Christian denomination.

All the reformed books of Christianity reveals the differences of beliefs of each and every church.