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October 31, 1517

My very first blog post will be about October 31, 1517, Martin Luther and the Day That Changed the World. Every since I was young I was interested in Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a German professor of Theology, composer, priest, monk and an important figure in the protestant reformation.

They way I learned it at school went. The church back then had certain rules and texts. However these were mostly in Latin and of course often written. The majority was talking these texts without knowing or really understanding them. Then one day there were these rules which the people didn’t understand but just agreed to them.

In the morning one of the priest wrote down the new rules and placed them on the door of the church. Unfortunately the majority couldn’t read it and therefore just obeyed to them. One of the people who read the new rules was Martin Luther, he read and shivered. He took the note from the window, got a couple of crates and started standing on top of them and was facing the public.

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Volunteering life

As I was starting to become interested in finding more about the religious lives we are living. I started to want to discover it from the source. Meaning I needed to go and live an expat life internationally and had to volunteer at the right places.

As I was doing everything by myself I didn’t had a company providing me all the right benefits of having a good international health insurance. But I appointed by myself to find the right travel packages, and the right services which came with this. My plan was to live and work in several countries over the next couple of years. In short I would become an expat in several countries and wanted to have a proper expat health insurance which covered everything in several countries with great service. I would be staying in several Asian countries and East-European countries as I knew I could be of the best help.

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First country

I can tell you straight away that the people in Cambodia were extremely nice, friendly and gentle with everything. It was a unique time to visit as little was going on in the terms of tourism. This was both positive as negative.

Positive was that no one was corrupted yet by trying to sell anything to the tourists and destroying their own ‘life’ in a way.

The negative thing automatically is that when there is no tourism and their own economy is still weak then it’s difficult to get an extra source of foreign income. Without this foreign source of income you will most likely get inflation.